This is not good news. It’s becoming impossible to deny that a group of already rich and powerful people desired MORE power so badly that they enlisted the aid of our oldest and greatest adversary to subvert our democratic processes.

They played their voters and they sold out their country.

The reason I’m sharing this in The Good File is that there are still patriots in the government and elsewhere that are fighting every day to turn over the rocks and shed light on these cockroaches.

The noose of Kremlingate is tightening – and the scandal increasingly appears to tie Trump associates to a Russian campaign to subvert American democracy.

Call your reps. Tell them to keep digging. This isn’t about Democrats and Republicans, it’s not about conservatives and liberals, it’s about America. Yeah, the whole thing. This must be exposed and everyone involved must be held accountable. Everything is at stake.


“There are other shoes that will drop,” Sen. John McCain told Bloomberg of the Manafort affair. “This is a centipede.”

via Kremlingate Creeps Closer to Trump – Rolling Stone


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