The Good File: 1

Here is your Good File for 1/29/2017-2/4/2017

Dems boycott Sessions’ confirmation hearing.
Dems boycott Pruitt’s confirmation hearing.
Virginia, Mass, Washington St, New York St and San Francisco join immigration ban lawsuit.
Tens of thousands march against immigration ban.
Trump backs down on Green Card holders.
GOP Sens Collins and Murkowski decide to vote NO on DeVos because of a ridiculous amount of phone calls.
Seattle will divest $3B from Wells Fargo in support of noDAPL.
SD anti-trans “bathroom bill” withdrawn
Federal judge orders CBP at LAX to allow those with valid visas into the country and not to revoke said visas.
Mayor of Santa Fe declares, ‘Sanctuary Cities won’t be bullied by Trump’
Chaffetz withdraws bill to sell 3.3 million acres of public land due to backlash.
Marissa Alexander (FL black woman who shot at her abusive ex) is FREE.
Nordstroms cuts ties with Ivanka Trump.
Rep. Lynch responds to constituent calls to demand an investigation into Russian hacking.
Sate Department reverses visa revocations after Seattle judge’s ruling.
Court finds Alabama redistricting racially based and unconstitutional.
The Department of Homeland Security will not enforce Trump’s immigration ban.
Oh and Beyonce is pregnant with TWINS! 🙂

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